Researchers at the Levine Developmental Neuroscience lab together with the Youth Treatment and Evaluation of Anxiety and Mood Program (Y-TEAM) at the Columbia University Medical Center are currently offering children and adolescents with anxiety the opportunity to participate in a research study that examines a novel approach to an FDA approved medication treatment with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medication called sertraline (also known as Zoloft). If your child is eligible, he or she may receive both a clinical evaluation and medication at no cost to you.
Why are we doing this research study?

This research study aims to:


  • Understand how Zoloft works to help children and teenagers with anxiety (ages 8-17)

  • Find a biomarker that will determine medication response before treatment initiation 

The research study period will last 14 weeks. In addition to recruiting children and adolescents with anxiety, we will also be recruiting healthy children and adolescents as controls. These participants would not take any medication as part of the research study, but would still have a clinical evaluation and 3 blood draws.

Participants with anxiety who are recruited can expect:


  • A screening visit to determine if your child is eligible, including a thorough symptom evaluation

  • Careful monitoring of response to medication which includes in-person and phone meetings with the Y-TEAM for medication administration and management

  • 3 blood draws over the course of the treatment


Participants who are recruited as healthy controls can expect:


  • Research study visits to the Y-TEAM

  • 3 blood draws over the course of 12 weeks


Research study testing, medication and evaluations are provided at no cost to you. In addition you and your child will also be compensated for your participation up to $250.


Who is eligible to participate?


In order to be eligible for this research study as a participant with anxiety, your child must:


  • Be 8-17 years old

  • Speak/Read English

  • Need treatment for anxiety

  • Be able to swallow intact tablets

  • Not have initiated psychotherapy within 8 weeks of screening


In order to be eligible as a control in this research study, your child must:


  • Be 8-17 years old

  • Speak/Read English

  • Not be diagnosed with any psychiatric disorders

  • Not have immediate family that has been diagnosed with anxiety or depression.  

  • Not be pregnant


Participate With Us

Find out if your child is eligible to participate in our research study. Eligible participants may receive an FDA approved medication used to treat anxiety at no cost to you with experienced and caring clinicians. 

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