Jeffrey R. Strawn, MD, Principal Investigator. Dr. Strawn, a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, is a national expert in the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders and has published nearly 120 articles on the treatment of these disorders. Moreover, Dr. Strawn has been the PI of several studies involving pediatric patients with anxiety disorders. Dr. Strawn and his study team have extensive experience with longitudinal treatment studies of anxious youth with SSRIs and SNRIs and have extensive psychopharmacology expertise. In addition, they are frequently published and have given lectures nationally regarding the treatment of youth with anxiety disorders.

Amir Levine, MD, Site Principal Investigator. Dr. Levine is a neuroscientist and board-certified psychiatrist, trained at Columbia University in clinical as well as molecular and biochemical approaches to study normal and pathological brain development. Dr. Levine’s epigenetic work fostered his appreciation of the principle that molecular processes precede their downstream, observable phenotypic expression. As such, he has a special and long-standing interest in EVs as targets for biomarker discovery. In his preliminary work, he developed a strategy for non-invasive biomarker discovery utilizing large-scale molecular analysis of plasma-derived EVs. Through pilot clinical research including the study of youth receiving antidepressant treatment for anxiety and adults receiving medication maintenance treatment for opioid dependence, his lab has found that multi-OMICs molecular profiling of EV cargoes are an especially good source for biomarker discovery in CNS disorders.